There are several ways to create communication channels with customers.

A website, social media profiles, standard and traditional advertising, are all valuable options.

But at this moment, there is by far an option that it’s best: to have a branded app, with own name and profile in Stores and allows a diversity services connecting customers.

In an App it is possible to brief and include in that phone icon the entire relationship with our customers.

News, ERP and CRM, Push notifications, public data and other private information protected by login, is the perfect enviroment to mantain a close relation.

At Plus+Golf we developed so far about 50+ apps for customers in a range from Professional or Amateur Tours, to private Clubs, and National Associations, allowing players and members of our customers a unique experiencie accesing data, news, notifications and CRM services.

Check the links on the Stores logos in this website to learn about all the Apps we have developed so far.