ConnectApp is a new connection concept  between our DATA service and players on events.

From this App, scores can be posted directly into any event Leaderboard, whether done by the same players, by volunteers or hired personell.

With the CHECK POINT profile,  allocated personell can post scores every given number of holes will be able to posts scores straight into the leaderboard, avoiding the use of radios or a one person bottleneck in the Club House. This profile usually is setup every three holes (3, 6, 9, 12, 15 y 18).

CheckPoint Profile

Our star profile, is the WALKING SCORING TOTAL. This profile allows a WALKING SCORER or even one playoer out of the Foursome to post hole-by-hole scoring in absolute real time, reducing redundancy in information and also minimizing possible errors in the scoring process.

Also, this profile has a variant to self perform scoring of a round for a player and yet, control that player that is being marked (green dot), score that will only be seen as read only for control purposes and to receive alerts in case of discrepancies.

Also, ConnectApp can be used as a stand alone round scoring tool, to go into the course with friends, enjoy a golf round, have a leaderboard for the game and also post the score into the handicap system.

Perfil WTOT

Then, there are a few more accessories that will allow to login into the MyPlus #ID account and / or send messages between the terminal and the central service of the Club House.