Each event depening on its format and importance will require a different set of resources to be processed.

An event that has importan prizes and/or is a Professsional’s Tournament, is clear that the per hole information to allow competitors react will be very important, so resources must be doubled for a good coverage. Every hole, every three holes, even every 9 holes, the most precise and in real time, will be the best.

At Plus+Golf today we have an innovation in our platfom that tooks us about three years of developmen, an app called ConnectApp, allowing promoters and club operators send the information from the links, stright to the Leaderboard, overriding manual process and any other media to be in the middle, like radios or whatsapp messages. It also allows players to upload their score themselves obtaining a per-hole leaderboard, in the fashion of the most important Professional Tours in the market.

But sometimes the importance goes all the other way. Somtimes is not worth it to spend time and money uploading scores except at the end of the round, and even sometimes it will not be worthy to upload scores even the same day of competition. Can be done the day before, or even later.

In conclusion, to provide necessary resources to an event in terms of scoring, will depend on a couple of conditions. Is not always the same. It is important to provide the best solution possible, and at Plus+Golf we have ConnectApp that can be operated not only by volunteers walking scoring, but also by the same players on the draw. But if not possible to be used by the promoter of the event, without worries, it will need to be assessed a way to upload the information even days after the game took place.